Specializing in Law and Mediation Services


Certified Family Mediator, Susan Giacoletto, sitting in conference room one.

Neutral Facilitator

Certified Family Mediator Susan Giacoletto, Esq., brings years of experience as a neutral professional to help families find common ground.  Mediation allows the parties to maintain more control over their future by crafting the settlement they want presented to the court.


Separate Meeting Rooms

Our two conference rooms are separated by the lobby, providing 

discrete caucus space.  Much can be accomplished in joint sessions, as it gives the parties a chance to talk in a neutral environment, but sometimes a party just needs time to speak freely with their own attorney or the neutral mediator.

Conference room 1, with door open, Enola Gay photo on wall, two small highwaymen paintings on shelf.

Accessible Spaces

The main conference room is handicap accessible.  It provides ample room for the parties to meet in a joint session, or for one side to meet in caucus with the mediator.


The second conference room provides a place for a client to speak privately with their attorney or to meet with the mediator in caucus.  

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Mediation Fees

The mediation fee is $170.00 per hour, with each side responsible for $85.00 per hour. The fee is divided equally between the parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance or ordered by the Court.  

If a party has been declared indigent by the court/clerk in the underlying case within the previous 90 days, our policy is that the indigent party's fee is reduced to $60.00 an hour.  

Fees subject to change.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.